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10 HABITS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE. What is most important and what you have to do or that is the most important thing example in my case how I have to record like theo remove take photos or Paris is great thumbnail record pictogram barrel those things that are the most important yes he tried to square it and do it that day the week.

What You Have To Organize

That I put it and other less important things I know in my case to answer emails and those things well if they can vary from day to day or you have it is that you do it according to your lifestyle according to what you have to organize and what works best for you if it is during the week or the day if you cannot do it weekly you can do it later the night before or even in the morning.

When you get up organize your day but it is indeed very very important if you have several things to do that he organizes if the tip is in the agenda on your mobile where it is more comfortable than it dries up I have gathered all the things that I have to do weekly my mind is like it has breathed and in the end, you are more balanced because you don’t have as much mental coco.

What You Have To Organize

What You Have To Organize

It is very important both if you work at home and when you are at home or when this is a day that you are not going to leave home you saw, that is, you don’t have to dress as if you were going out, no, but don’t stay in pajamas or clothes that you feel bad in, put on a tracksuit that you like to see yourself on or put on any pants and shirt, but with.

You Don’t Look Bad

Which you don’t look bad that you look good being at home that you can be comfortable don’t put on jeans obviously what you are comfortable with is good and you look good the important thing is that you don’t look in the mirror and say It’s that I’m disgusting, that’s the point, comb your hair too, that is, you don’t need to put on makeup, but if you comb your wand on your face, the important thing is that when you look in the mirror, you don’t look bad because it’s true that when we’re at home.

At least I don’t wear makeup because I don’t even comb my hair to record videos but well at least your hair doesn’t look crazy I always try to be well dressed or comfortable but looking good I assure you that’s super important you are going to feel much more motivated, even wanting to do more things and shout self-esteem is not going to plummet. You Can Also Read Ultimate Reading Guide to Choosing What to Read Lifestyle Books.

When you look in the mirror another thing that seems to me to be super essential even if you are not tidy and clean you must do this in your house the one with the envelope is always in order, even if you don’t believe it, just seeing it is visual noise that alters your mind. being that, even if you don’t believe it, makes you feel bad because there is visual noise I tell you that this is the cleaning and tidying up every day simply that in the morning the basic things in 5 minutes you can order everything messy.

When You Make Habits

If you always do it no you’re going to have a super messy house when you get up to tidy everything up in five or ten minutes, for example, my nightstand is always messy when I get up because I put the hand cream in the Vaseline that if the nightcaps the glass of water too at night, well, I pick up all those things in the morning so that during the day I don’t always have to see everything in a mess and see my bedside table clean even though tennis boots shoes whatever I put on the day before.

I also store them, for example, that is what I usually throw away, I know that many people accumulate clothes in a chair, that does not happen to me, I always keep them in the drawer, but if your case is the chair pick up the clothes from your chair every night or in the morning, but also depending on the night, do it every morning when you make habits, you will see.

That every morning you will do it even without thinking and it will not cost you anything the same with the dishes in the kitchen collect them and wash them all and it is also important that you do not leave them draining dry them and put them away because you are going to see the kitchen much larger much more beautiful much more organized another thing is to relax before going to sleep, for example, I do not come I know about work or wherever you come from showers dinners and go to bed no I don’t even have to be olive to relax doing.

Three Things That Life Has Going To Be Better

I was one of those thanks I promise you it works I was the typical one who said that of course now because I get up and give thanks for three things that life has going to be better for me on a day-to-day basis because if you can be thankful for so many things even for having a bed to sleep in for having a job for having a roof.

Where you can live things as basic things like being able to see being able to speak having healthy hair being healthy I don’t know for so many things that you can thank in my case I was one of those who said what nonsense is this that I am going to give you now it seems super important very important if you are a person who works a lot who is super busy or who studies a lot.

Three Things That Life Has Going To Be Better

Whatever it is, take one day a week to disconnect from that activity if your case, for example, works a lot with this one day of total rest, that is, do not work at all on my case, for example, social networks right now two weeks ago and one week was a Saturday and another week was a Sunday that he does not pick up his cell phone practically at all like that for the basics and you do not know the mental liberation.

Activity Is Your Work

That YouTube on those days well the same thing but with what you do whatever your activity is your work whatever you study whatever it is ugt one day absolutely to do nothing besides it is not only that you stop doing that activity that you do so much during the week but also if you want do absolutely nothing don’t do it anything happens.

It’s once a week and the body also needs it and especially the mind with if you want to spend all day watching series or eating saved you go out to the street to unwind do what you want a full day 24 hours doing what you want this the truth is that it is very obvious but it has to be said and that exercise any type of exercise is good cardio weight whatever you prefer even if it’s 4 to 5 times a week they don’t even ask you to be six thousand seven out of four that’s how the week will start.

I think it’s ideal and exercise doing something you like for example if you don’t like to go running don’t start running because it says I have to exercise if you don’t like it don’t do it because. After all, going to get tired and you’re going to stop doing it if you like to dance there you’re exercising if you like to exercise from weight to exercises of weight if you like to do cardio do what you like by mouth.

If you like to go play tennis play soccer whatever it is but the physical activity that you like that motivates you that you want to do it that you feel like doing it although obviously, It’s normal that one day you don’t feel like it, that’s normal, and above all, don’t do physical activity that you don’t like, and linked to exercise, eat well, and I’m not telling you that you’re eating healthy all day.

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