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By | April 20, 2022

Introduction Of 5 Style Mistakes Not To Be Made To Highlight Your Silhouette | Fashion Tips

5 Style Mistakes Not To Be Made To Highlight Your Silhouette | Fashion Tips. The goal here is to deconstruct a little bit the received ideas because there are many of these errors which are in reality part of the ideas above the things that we false beliefs as we can we could also call it and so I wanted to deconstruct all that with you and give you.

1- Wear The Total Look Wide Ample

A really five tips that stem from it the first style mistake that I want to share with you is to wear the total look wide ample very well wide to camouflage everyone is complex because it’s something that I notice very often it’s that when you have complexes in the desire to hide them it’s logical it’s a behavior completely normal one finally I reassure you and suddenly.

We tend to wear things and clothes that are very large by saying to ourselves that the older it is the more it will hide the more it will camouflage me we will see it but finally when you only wear loose when you only wear wide but hide everything you also hide the assets and there are not only things to hide on your silhouette far from it each.

Wear The Total Look Wide Ample

You have assets to highlight on you and it is moreover something that I invite you to think about precisely which I invite you to think about is to think about maintaining what is ultimately my strengths what do I want to highlight at home because it’s always much easier to respond to what you don’t want to highlight than what you want to camouflage, but you always have a lot more trouble ultimately finding your strengths and therefore From the moment you are aware or aware of your strengths.

2- How The Morphology Works

It is also much easier to highlight them and to tell yourself that in the end there are not only things to hide far from it very often it is not even absolutely not the case for complexes, we obviously have everything m but the idea here is also to put your finger on what is to be highlighted at home it’s much more interesting to think like that and therefore to avoid here is good to wear total looks large in saying.

That at least everything is hidden everything is camouflaged because everything is effectively hidden everything is camouflaged even the assets and therefore from the moment we understand how the morphology works from the moment we know which assets to highlight at home well we make choices that will also highlight our silhouette rather than hide everything at all costs but once again here I reassure you this is something that I notice frequently you are certainly not the only one or the only one to do that but here really be aware. You Can Also Read Top 5 Fashion Basics To Have In This Spring 2022 To look Gorgeous.

That there are also assets on her silhouette and not only things to hide and camouflage and well it will be much more interesting in terms of your style and your silhouette e will be much more highlighted with clothes that are adapted to you than with cuts that will only hide because there suddenly there is nothing more that is especially highlighted so that is the first style mistake to make.

3- The Silhouette Is Harmonious And Balanced

No more doing is wearing clothes only for hiding making the right cut choices it’s much more interesting than choices that will just hide your figure the second style mistake that I also notice quite often is to wear blouses that are longer or that are suddenly too long why because when the blouse is too long ok it can camouflage often it’s.

Because there is a complex at the level of the buttocks or the level of the hips or still at the level of the belly and I see many women who pull on their clothes who pull on the top pull on the blouse so that the mud is as long as possible but by doing this is what happens is that you are going to lie down v usually your bust, the legs of which you are going to visually shorten or what.

We are trying to do to highlight a silhouette, you should know that it is rather the reverse, we are trying to visually lengthen the legs and shorten a whole a little more the bust so that the silhouette is harmonious and balanced visually and therefore by wearing a blouse that is very very long and well lengthen your bust and therefore you pack your silhouette you pull it down you weigh it down and so unconscious and therefore suddenly passed structures completely.

In the silhouette, if we want to hide the buttocks or hide the hips for example we will rather go towards breaks that will be vertical particular a jacket or a vest that can be worn a little longer but which were open to creating verticality but we did not wear the blouse very long because there, on the other hand, we rather create a break h horizontal we cut the silhouette and we lengthen the bust and of which visually it is much less interesting and therefore it returned the good also it is not because.

4- Camouflage Once Again The Silhouette Is Hidden

You wear a blouse which will be longer than automatically it will camouflage the others that you try to camouflage it’s going rather on the contrary you have and your silhouette and it’s the same thing finally with the principle of the third style error that I often notice is that we often play with superpositions so if the longer and shorter well we’re going to wear a shirt or blouse underneath.

That’s longer just to camouflage once again the silhouette is hidden is what’s happening in this case over there it’s that you’re creating a double break so a break horizontal where the pulsar is and a horizontal break where the blouse which is longer stops and very often well you highlights the area of the body that you don’t specifically want to highlight the ones.

Camouflage Once Again The Silhouette Is Hidden 

You were trying to camouflage and well you rather highlight it and so that’s an error that I notice quite frequently is that when there is an area of our body with which we are l ss at comfortable and that we want to camouflage at all costs and well finally we draw attention to this zone we add volume on 7 rather than precisely making the zone can be a little more visible.

A little less hidden a little less camouflage but much more highlighting is much more balanced in terms of the visual rendering of the silhouette is therefore really avoided creating double breaks where you do not want to draw attention it will be much more interesting once again at the level of the setting in value of your silhouette and it bounces a little finally also on the fourth error of style that I notice it is to make horizontal breaks precisely where one does not want to attract attention.

5- A Horizontal Break Is All The Lines That Will Be Present On The Silhouette

So for example people a horizontal break is all the lines that will be present on the silhouette so consciously or not in the end so it can be with a seam it can be where the blouse stops and visually the pants how can be a rubber band it can be a belt it can be all the horizontal lines that are ultimately going to be created on the silhouette is so if you bring a horizontal line where you want precisely a sooner not to draw attention and where is your complex and well, in reality, you draw the right attention on this complex is.

So here is something again that I notice quite frequently I reassure you it is that these horizontal lines often if they were better placed and well would put more enhance your morphology your silhouette and therefore we tend to minimize these breaks to say to ourselves that ultimately it is not important is, in reality, they have all their importance as.

I always say in fashion in clothing it is the details that make the difference even if one bears the name of detail and we could say that these accessories are only in the order of detail and well that’s is quite the opposite, it’s precise all the details that are going to be important and this famous horizontal break will be very important when you want to highlight your silhouette so think about it also avoid making horizontal Cascio.

When You Want To Lengthen Your Silhouette

Where you don’t want to draw tension precisely where your silhouette is complex because these horizontal breaks will attract the eye precisely where they are there it is the last style error that I also advise you to avoid is to wear a shoe perform these guys a black ankle boot for example with light-colored trousers again it’s the Landais principle break.

When you think about it why because it creates a very net at the level of the leg is in reality it’s cut on the leg and therefore it breaks the silhouette as I told you the goal is to visually lengthen the leg in general when you want to lengthen your silhouette precisely and energize it to pull it towards the high and therefore.

The fact of wearing a very dark shoe with a light outfit and well finally it draws the eye to the bottom of the silhouette is dirty weighed down and therefore here visually and well it is much less interesting whereas the shoe would be brought in monochrome or monochrome for example with the outfit is visually good it would be much more interesting so it’s the same thing.

If it’s on a bare leg for example well we’re going to make the shoe visually closer to the color skin to avoid any breakage again they will rather weigh down the figure rather than lengthen it and throw them so here it is a petite and their style that can ut very easily be corrected quite easily and quite effectively and you will see that your silhouette will only be even more harmonious and more highlighted.

So here are five style mistakes to stop making if you want to highlight your silhouette then if you make these mistakes there is no death of a man I reassure you of course it is really with the aim here of highlighting your silhouette even more and that your silhouette is even more harmonious visually, of course, they are always here advice that I give you in all benevolence to be able to highlight your figure and that you feel even better in your skin is even better in your style.

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