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HOW DO I ORGANIZE MYSELF TO BE PRODUCTIVE IN 2022. What I had to do immediately after doing something else. one year realizing that my life was completely disorganized and that I had to do something or I was going to end up completely losing control, I started listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching YouTube channels that talk precisely about.

How to have a style of life healthier habits

How to have a style of life healthier habits and one of the issues that are always recurring is that of the organization so I understood that if I did not take measures in this aspect I was not going to be able to advance in one of my purposes so I have been striving hard to become the type of person who has organized himself and it’s been a long road that I’m walking little by little and I’d like to share.

What I’ve learned the first thing I’ve learned and perhaps the most important thing is that to have organized day-to-day we first have to organize ourselves up here we have to have things clear we have to know what we want because what we see is what we have to do and in short iterative to undo all that tangle of thoughts to have a clear mind, the first thing.

We have to do is have some priorities identified and be very aware of what they are, for this he used method 111, which consists of having a goal a month a goal a week, and one goal a day, this does not mean that you cannot have more goals I do, but there is one, in particular, that is that goal that if you do not achieve is nothing else, you would feel satisfied and above all that.

A personal and a professional goal

It would make you feel that you are advancing that you are not stuck or stuck but that you continue taking small steps every day to achieve what is proposed in the book how to make good things happen to you by marías Rojas the author talks about how to have a goal every day to get up and that the first thing you do is choose an objective for that day will predispose us to get much more out of that day in all aspects and so.

That we are much better and we feel better about ourselves and ourselves can be both a personal and a professional goal but having that idea of ay I want to do this normally even f a million things don’t come up everyday g getting one thing done shouldn’t be too much difficult to make everything catastrophic, this clarity allows us to be focused and concentrated, which is something.

That today with all the lurking distractions is not exactly easy and that we also have a clear idea of why we have this object I’ve and the second thing I do to Organize myself is having a list of tasks because if it is, it would be wonderful if we only had one thing to do each day, but it is not like that or it is not usually like that, but every day there are a lot of small tasks, others not so small that.

classifying tasks

We have to face each other both professionally and personally what I do to get them out of my head is write them on a list I make a list a little first mode of the prim storming of all the things I have to do I look for him in my head so that once I have them on paper I can use my ideas in other things once I do this the first thing I feel is an instant line because.

I don’t know anymore I’m not going to forget anything because everything I have to do is written there and once I have this list of tasks what I do is classify them this idea of classifying tasks I found in the t lk book boss of your life in my case due to the tasks in important urgent and everything else is usually quite picky when it comes to seeing what I put in the urgent box because that will be the first thing I do those that are urgent and also important the attempt that is something that yes.

What if I have to do it that day or at that time or if I’m not going to have a lot of complications or is that there is no other, the world does not collapse because I know that I must be tempted to put things in the urgent box Since they are not so urgent, you run the risk of ending up paying too much attention to things that were not urgent and taking it away from the important ones, so.

Urgent postpones

I that would be my priority, first the urgent and important things, and then the urgent things, then the important things, and if I have leftovers time everything else and so it prevented me from starting to do something. Maybe it’s not very let’s see if you feel identified with this because it happens to me to do something that is not too important. After all, it’s easier.

Because you have to worry less and do what is important and urgent postpones it is because that does cause you concern. After all, it is more important and urgent than organizing tasks in this way let’s say that it forces me to focus and be aware that what is in the box and everything else should be the last thing I do no matter how tempting it may be another thing.

I try to take into account so as not to provoke too many who do I can do something on these lists in less than five minutes I try to force myself to do it because if not I’m going to postpone it because I’m going to be too lazy to start doing it for just five minutes this is something that it is trying to implement now to avoid delaying for days something as absurd as requesting a medical appointment, for example.

The third point that I recommend you to organize is that you use the calendar and the stamps that person has been a part of me, it is still what he thinks so that I will write it down if I go to remember is fine because I have a spoiler for all of you and that is that you are not going to remember and although you do remember the fact of visually having everything you have to do every week every day of the month.

How To Organize Our Time

It will be that with a glance let’s know that we have to prioritize each week and that we know how to organize our time around that in the calendar I write about all the unions events medical appointments something that I have to do that specific day something that I have to do that day that is relevant to do it on that day because if I don’t write it down in tasks and there isn’t a specific day.

That day at that time I prefer to write down the tasks and see when I could do them another trick that I have found to organize myself and that comes in handy when I can do it is that of sacred hours I have been seeing this idea for a long time in different media on social networks in books on podcasts and the truth is that the days when I do it, everything goes much better, it flows much more naturally, it arrives at the end of the day and I feel.

That I have done a lot of things, it consists of taking advantage of it, it is usually done the first hours of the day to not be connected, that is, to disconnect the mail, disconnect the mobile, and concentrate one hundred percent on a big task are usually more demanding tasks so that no one distracts you and you can finish them during the first hours of the day.

when you start working you feel that everything progresses

It is usually done in the morning, especially for the reason and it is that it is less likely that you will have an urgent call, a complication, an email to respond to immediately during the first hours of the day, because everything tends to get more complicated as the day progresses, and the second is because if you are going to take the opportunity to do a task that requires.

A lot of you at the beginning of the day, the usual thing is to have more energy, not sessions, which happens to those of you who work, for example, with a schedule from 8 to 6, that when you start working you feel that everything progresses much faster than doing one task after another and especially after eating and when you enter the afternoon.

The smallest tasks take forever and it costs you towards these steps I recommend reading the book we are going to arrive with the title wat Naxos is full people to be for breakfast which talks about this thing about how many people we consider to be successful and I say success in quotes.

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