HOW TO ADOPT COLOR ON YOUR LOOKS? 5 Look ideas with color

By | April 20, 2022

Introduction Of HOW TO ADOPT COLOR ON YOUR LOOKS? 5 Look ideas with color

HOW TO ADOPT COLOR ON YOUR LOOKS? 5 Look ideas with color. How to give a color bus to your looks and her outfits because clearly but the color is in trend this year this know we want colors I find more and more at the end of winter even if the ideal color is to wear it, of course, all year round but there is nothing to do morally and psychologically we have to want to wear color even more.

1- Color Block Trends

When the good weather arrives and the collections are there for that too we are here on colorful trends color block trends colors peps vitamin is saturated vibrant and so here and well this season lends itself wonderfully well to color besides that you also have softer colors more pastel or always white beige and that is that they will be very also trendy but here clearly.

HOW TO ADOPT COLOR ON YOUR LOOKS 5 Look ideas with color

If you want more vibrant colors faster to carry it’s the right time to because you may have seen it in the stores too if you have to do a little shopping it is clearly what you find in stores and so I would like to show you here 5 looks 1.5 looks to give you inspiring ideas for how to adopt color in your dressing room is, therefore, the first look that I have prepared for you that I am presenting to you but it is the one that I am wearing today in reality so that is to say that it is this satin shirt that I adore.

2- Two Colors Juxtaposed On The Chromatic Circle

I find this worm magnificent and I associate it with wide jeans all simply so here green and blue I already wanted to say it’s an association that works well it’s what we call an association an analogous harmony so with two colors juxtaposed on the chromatic circle and therefore it’s an association of colors that work every time it could have worked with navy blue pants it could have worked with electric blue pants for the more daring but here, in any case, to gradually integrate the color into your dressing.

I tell you how I advise you to start with a strong piece and then of course if you want it and your style pushes you to do it dare more explosive associations dared the color block with and even more pep associations if you so wish to want but to start in any case I always advise to start with a piece to be able to also get used to the color because you also have to get used to when you are not used to wearing color, for example, it’s more interesting that’s what. You Can Also Read 5 Style Mistakes Not To Be Made To Highlight Your Silhouette | Fashion Tips.

I advise in any case to my clients is to start in any case step by step step by step and to integrate color little by little therefore it’s much easier to start with a piece associated with jeans for example than directly with two strong pieces but it can also work perfectly with beautiful electric blue pants you can also associate it with white with beige.

3- Colored Coat A Nice Peppy Coat

It’s true Is the kind of association that also works wonderfully then speaking of beige pants weary game here with a fuchsia coat so here is a beautiful fuchsia coat because there is nothing to do we are still at the exit of the winter we still need coats and what could be better than a good colored coat a nice peppy coat to enhance an outfit underneath.

A little t-shirt or a little blouse and we mix it here with beige pants and it can make a very bright look so again here just a colored piece associated with other pieces here more basic with more neutral colors well it works and it’s the right way here to be able to associate the color and adopted the color easily so also thought.

If it could also be on the jacket or the coat speaking precisely of a blazer with the following look so a nice colored blazer here a nice royal blue blazer so here it can it also works perfectly to have just the little touch of color on the blazer after why not towards the little reminder also of colors with a small t-shirt with a pattern, for example, it can be quite nice or with a small accessory, for example, it can also be perfectly suitable is not new here it’s the colorful touch of the outfit but that’s what also brings.

4- The Color In Pants

A lot of peps and a lot of dynamism to this look because we have a very lively blazer well colored that here allows us to draw attention to the upper body in addition so it can also be interesting depending on your morphology if you want to draw attention to the upper body earlier also think that it is rather on the upper body whereas.

I advise you to adopt the color if on the other hand you rather want to draw attention to the lower body there we can then more or less the color in pants for example as is the case here with red pants so here for me it’s pants that I like it’s high waisted with a very fluid leg and here it’s again the kind of model that can suit many morphologies know- the also his moments kind of pants.

Which can suit many morphologies re so it so obviously it is the association of the parts also which will be important to take into consideration according to the morphology of each one but the idea in anyway fluid pants can suit many morphologies so down here the fact that they are red is the touch of pep on the tenure and here.

HOW TO ADOPT COLOR ON YOUR LOOKS 5 Look ideas with color

We have this with a black perfecto a white shirt but that can also be associated in many different ways I had also made you a post on Instagram with these pants with three jackets and look ideas that I am sharing with you is precisely so you can also find others inspiration of course on Instagram but here in any case with a small black biker jacket, it works well the fact that the biker jacket is a little shorter it allows here to mark the size a little more and not to weigh down.

5-  A Black Background Colored Patterns

The silhouette with a jacket would be too long because that will not suit all silhouettes and all morphologies and finally integrating the color it can also go through a piece with a pattern as is the case for example here with this body so on a black background colored patterns so it can also be a good first way to adopt color in your dressing room to adopt color on your looks if you don’t dare especially why not start with a colored pattern that can also be here a good alternative and new sounds mixed with a neutral piece.

So here with black pants, it works great it can work also very well with jeans pa r example but here, in any case, the piece is enough in itself finally it is a strong piece with precisely here the effect of the pattern and the two contrasting colors well there is not finally need to add a lot around this piece because if it reads very easily with precisely something more neutral so here are five look ideas to adopt color to integrate color into your looks so.

What I can strongly advise you is to go there little by little it’s to start with an accessory it’s to start with a piece only or it’s to start with a small touch a jewel a scarf it doesn’t matter and little by little to get used to it also you’ll see also that you will have a lot of compliments by wearing color in your looks that I’m sure so here and also necessarily choose colors that suit you we just pay attention here that the color is respect between guillemets its typology, especially for the upper body for the lower body.

It has much less importance and incidences so everything that is pants skirts shorts and it’s finally we go all colors can be suitable but, indeed, the color close to the face will also be able to give you a lot of light from the classes if it is well chosen free and therefore you might as well take advantage of it.

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