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Introduction Of HOW TO WEAR LARGE JEANS 5 LOOK IDEAS Style & Try-on Tips

HOW TO WEAR LARGE JEANS 5 LOOK IDEAS Style & Try-on Tips. The trend of wide jeans the wild legs or the flared jeans so really here the jeans as I wanted to say it’s been several months that I repeat it to you the jeans widens more and more we are less and less here on the trend of skinny jeans so be careful it’s not because it’s not so much in.

1- The Skinny Jeans

What you can take away more obviously the skinny jeans will always still be present in stores but small little by little the jeans indeed tend to widen and in terms of the trend we are more and more on a slightly wider 10 so we have gone from slim to trade fit to the same all blacks to vases and bootcut flair and will be so we are here on a trend.

That continues here with real jeans that are worn much wider and it is not to displease me personally because I find that it is a cut which is very interesting to wear which can work for many morphologies contrary to what one might sometimes think now everything depends on your morphology of Vaud proportion of your size in height all.

The Skinny Jeans

That has to be taken into consideration ation does it if you have a marked waist or not to know if you wear it a little more high waisted or a little more time I hope for example but in any case, in general, we can say that it is jeans that can be suitable for many morphologies so here I have chosen for the presentation of looks in jeans.

2- Combined Wide Jeans

Which is a little wider and a little more flared it is personally a model that suits my type of morphology rather well is here well I have therefore prepared five look ideas for you to adopt this trend the first look is a look that is rather relaxed and rather colorful and so here I have combined wide jeans with a very simple little fuchsia sweater.

There add two pretty details of pretty jewelry for example beautiful accessories to go a little further in the look we can also add a pretty little belt for example to the basketball foot because necessarily here we are on a look relaxed comfortable and we can, for example, add like I’m doing here a coat in the same colors in the same tones so a fuchsia coat here.

We are really on a very peppy look that is well colored so I want to wear color here with the spring coming in addition there are plenty of colors in the stores for the moment so this is the opportunity to take advantage of it you will see a lot of colors elsewhere here in the videos on in the next videos on this channel because I want here to offer you colorful looks vitamins and pep looks so here is good with this first look I think it’s rather successful because we are clearly on a vitaminized and colorful look and you should know.

3- Blue Jeans

That jeans blue jeans work very well within particular a lot of colors such as with glass with pink with red with yellow you can I like to wear blue in the end with a lot of colors the look if the van is also colored elsewhere and here we are on what is called an analogous harmony with green and blue it is a harmony.

That works wonderfully well too so here with a satin shirt so high time the satin shirt has also been dancing for a few seasons and so here and well it’s also interesting to mix a piece which can be a basic in the dressing room finally the shirt is a basic in the dressing room but we are modernizing it because we have a color that is full of vitamins and at the same time a material that is also trendy and it can give here a casual chic look par excellence as I like them a lot because we have jeans. You Can Also Read THE 5 TREND JACKETS FOR THIS SPRING | Fashion Selection & Style advice.

Which are more relaxed so they automatically fall into the category of more casual pieces but associated with the shirt which is here more dressy is again depending on the pair of shoes we can either accentuate the casual effect if you wear a pair of trainers, for example, or accentuate the more chic side if you wear, for example, a pair of boots with heels as is the case here is so here you have the different possibilities in depending on your style then another outfit that I also like very much.

4- The Unpopular Jeans

It’s with this shirt with the shirt that I’m wearing today to give a spirit a little more sixties seventies so really here with the unpopular jeans the floral shirt a small pair of cowboy boots on the feet finally boots, in any case, cowboy boots inspiration and here we can have a new look which works quite well so with a shirt here which is rather the strong piece because.

We have a print we have the color we have a lot of small details and we simply counterbalanced it with much more basic jeans that way we can have a look that is both stylish because we have a strong piece on the outfit and at the same time balanced with a good basic so that too can make looks that are super easy to reproduce and adopt in your daily life than a little look here a little bit more working girl with a shirt with an ascot collar so very elegant we are really on a very chic piece.

The Unpopular Jeans 

Which is very elegant and we associate it we have counterbalanced it again with here the jeans and so it can look great here balance it’s the kind of look for work I find a look you can wear for work so after all it depends on your sector of activity if there are dress codes to respect or not I know that sometimes jeans are banned in some companies but here for me it’s quite a look that we could very well wear for work in a very working girl look with precisely here.

5- Jeans Via High Waist

The shirt is a lot more dressy and the jeans here once again allow you to balance the outfit by giving it the little touch a little more casual and more relaxed and finally the last one so it can be an evening look a little sexier with a bobo said with hi-fi the jeans via high waist we add a pair of shoes with stiletto heels for example and we can have a look like that which is a little more evening look in quotes but which remains relaxed because ‘we always have the jeans.

Which are part of this category of casual pieces but for example after a day of work we can very well tell ourselves if we have to go directly for a drink with our colleagues let’s imagine we simply replace the top we put on a nice little body a little sexier a little more feminine that would replace for example a blouse or a tee shirt imagine and here we can have a look that works well for a look a p a little more evening a little more festive in quotes so here are five look ideas for how to wear wide jeans the trend of wide jeans I hope these look ideas will have you more so, of course, we can multiply your looks Alain finish there can be many more looks of course.

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