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Introduction Of HOW TO WEAR THE TOTAL LOOK CLAIR IN WINTER 5 Look Ideas & Fashion Tips

HOW TO WEAR THE TOTAL LOOK CLAIR IN WINTER 5 Look Ideas & Fashion Tips. I have prepared for you here five easy-to-reproduce look ideas but really to show you that light colors can be very interesting also to use in winter so obviously to adapt according to your typology according to what you also want so.

1- The Total Black Look

I also take this opportunity to make a little parenthesis which is always very interesting to say again I found it very important to reiterate is that often we tend to think if we have a few little complexes if we are not very comfortable with our body that we want to look slimmer and well we have often tended to think that it is the total black look that we must adopt and that it is the total black look.

The Total Black Look

The Total Black Look

That will allow us precisely to arrive at 7 for this purpose to look precisely thinner or more elongated more slender and well know that it is not quite true then certainly the black colors the dark colors are always apart from a tendency to slim the silhouette a little more but another principle which is also very interesting to use have a good memory To hear and understand it is the principle of monochrome or monochrome so.

2- Total Background Look

That is to say that a total look of the same color will give you the same effect finally as in total background look it is because in reality there is no eye strain there is no cut on the silhouette is therefore that is what will also give this effect two silhouettes more elongated more slender thinner in quotation marks even more so in the end than.

The fact of not wearing only dark or only black so its care and well that in mind also you can wear light even if you are not particularly very comfortable with your body that you have little complexes etc it’s really in depending on the materials we are going to use but also depending on the associations we are going to make, for example in total look the air from head to toe well it will also allow having this effect of a silhouette which is a little more elongated so that’s a little is a little trick that. You Can Also Read SPRING SUMMER 2022 ACCESSORIES TRENDS.

I also wanted e to share with you because sometimes I notice some people who forbid themselves from the clear range for this reason or precisely the clear and say here can also be very interesting to use and so think about it too and that’s why too that I wanted to start with that because there are a few preconceived ideas like that which are sometimes a little sad because.

3- Clear Total Look

There are things you don’t dare to wear when it could very well suit us despite everything so we start any site with the first look and the first Lukman it’s actually the one I’m wearing today so it’s a sweater dress in shades and raw and I also leave with a pair of boots white so here we are really on a clear total look so really on a monochrome we are really on the same color and so.

It gives precisely this side a little bit more elongated which is also quite interesting with this kind of length because the lo length like that tells me well it can sometimes be a little more problematic depending on the silhouette which is also quite interesting on this dress sequels and slits on the sides so it does not weigh down too much either because

Clear Total Look

The midi-length like that to have a slightly compacting effect so safari, all the same, be careful also depending on your size your height your proportions the length of the legs to review all its importance also here so that’s 10 also be careful it can be after a dress which is a little shorter you will see that I am going to offer you another look with a dress a little in the same spirit but which is a little shorter and therefore that to choose according to also to what you like in depending on your style your morphology in general.

The advantage of this dress is also that it is belted at the waist and therefore it also allows you to lengthen a fart it’s a little more visually the legs so it’s belted at the waist if you have a marked waist if you have a waist that is not very marked you can then simply either remove the belt or we and the link at the back wish the door is a little more the cheek still make a little more blues and at the level precisely and it is the belt to adapt obviously according to your morphology.

4- Look Is With Pants

The second clear look is with pants here a small a little more dressy which is mixed with a sweater which also remains light so here we have rather monochrome as in Europe 1 because we are more on a color gradient than really on a total in total monochrome with only pieces of the same color here we are rather on a similar gradient at the level of the pair of boots.

Which is rather in beige colors also the same for the accessories so we focus on a nice gradient of c colors that work very well also personally it’s something that I find very chic in his the monochrome or monochrome association it’s a combination of colors that is very chic that ultimately works for a lot of styles and a lot of morphology you have understood it so it is always very interesting also here to use so here in addition to the level of the mix of the outfit but we are on pants.

Which are much more dressy and on a sweater which automatically gives a little bit to the side more relaxed so it can be a look that is casual chic that is perfect for going to work for example the following look is with light jeans so here white jeans that we associate with an under-sweater that also lights up we add on top the plaid blazer jacket to bring a little more relief it’s very interesting because the pattern here brings a little more relief we mix it with a small pair of boots s a bit like cowboy boots and it can once again give a look that is quite effective again.

5- Casual Looks

That is casual and chic at the same time because we have pieces that are more casual like jeans and the sex undershirt and at the same time with a piece that is a little chicer like here with the blazer and so it can once again create a look that is super effective to go to work exactly the kind of look in which I feel super comfortable to go to work because with the little chic touch and at the same time it remains a look that is quite accessible is also quite easy to reproduce with pieces I’m sure you have at home that is quite similar.

So it can do a look like that which is quite effective here which is suddenly a very good example of what can quite work another look here which also works well in light colors as well well it is with flared pants a sweater here who is in a light color and boots that are also light because they are white here is so here we can have a look like that which is quite effective here again it respects the codes of casual chic because we are here on my rather same look a little more look is with pants than chic in this case. After all.

We have pieces we have a few more pieces finally relaxed so the sweater and the jeans and we have a single chic piece which is the pair of boots with heels but it can totally work and then if you want to give it an even more casual touch you can very well play with a pair of flat boots or with a pair of trainers, that’s really suitable to adopt in depending on your style of course depending on whether you are more on the chic side and well you will adopt a little more chic pieces on the outfit and if you prefer a little more casual looks.

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