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MY 5 TIPS TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR STYLE Fashion & Style Tips. My first tip if you want to visually improve your style well it’s to try to avoid as much as possible in any case the total black look then the total black look it can be very chic very classy very elegant very authoritarian also depending a little bit on the image that.

1- Black Look

We can give to this black color but it can also be a look that can be a bit too all-purpose or too expected or too obvious in a certain way so it’s interesting in any case to try not to adopt the total black look daily in your everyday life but to try art is a little bit because if you wear a total black look every day but in the end, you have the impression of always being a little bit dressed.

The same of being dressed a little the same way there is more specifically this relief to be sought or this side precisely where it attracts a little more attention finally because of its look is therefore here it can’t and it’s precisely for u n side a little bit I go unnoticed in the discretion I’m not noticed and finally is good.

Black Look

The total black look can have this side a little too expected in a certain way which attention I am not saying that a total black look can’t be a very nice look I’m even a fan of black it’s a color that I like a lot but it’s true that here it will be more by small touches or so in total look why not but then we are going to bet on beautiful accessories on different games could still be missing it is this relief.

2- That Black Is A Color That Goes To Everyone

That will come out despite everything from the total black look but in any case, we will try to avoid adopting the total black look too often which can just sometimes appear a little more expected quite simply as I already told you and I also take this opportunity by speaking of total black look to remind you that it is a generally accepted idea that black is a color that goes to everyone.

Because that’s not true black is not a color that suits everyone Lenoir suits very well people who are the type at home in winter so for whom cold and contrasting and darker colors work best for other people which belong to the other typologies to the other palettes black will not be particularly the happiest color to bring closer to the face so be aware of that too it is that. You Can Also Read HOW TO WEAR THE TOTAL LOOK CLAIR IN WINTER 5 Look Ideas & Fashion Tips.

We tend to think that black goes to everyone say this is also a received idea which is not true another trick which will also allow you to improve your style is good is to think of all the little details so this is something that I repeat very often in individual coaching to my clients or my clients it is that the details make the difference on a look even if it bears the name of the detail and we could say to ourselves.

3- Improve The Look

That black is just an accessory is a detail well, on the other hand, the details in the style in the fashion will have all their importance so for example, a pretty belt of beautiful jewelry make a small turn-up at the level of the pants tucked in the dung inside so all that is small details that are going to allow you to improve the look so the look can be very good simply.

We can start from a good base with two pieces that are effective that work well and look good on you but if on top of that there are all the little details that I have just mentioned then to be adapted of course according to your style and your morphology but if in addition there are all the little additional details that you will be able to pay attention to and your look your style will go up a level here.

If you want in a certain way there will be this little extra thing this little additional finish that can really make the difference and therefore really think about the detail p think about accessories think about anything that can finish and close the look if you feel your look is a little too simple something is good is that it is well and therefore thought to add with the sauce of small details.

4- Your Style And Your Look

You this little extra touch that will allow you to finish your outfit and give it that little bit more assertive side another piece of advice that I give regularly also knows how to dose the patterns and dare to color and in addition if you have both on an outfit it still brings a little more relief so all that makes it the pattern.

The color well it allows you to capture a little more tension it allows you to bring a little bit more visual relief to your outfit and that is very interesting to use so once again the pattern the color is chosen of course according to your style and your morphology it will be important also to choose them well sir but a well-chosen pattern a well-chosen color and right away it’s going to bring a lot of peps a lot of dynamism to your outfit and so think about it and if you have once again as.

Your Style And Your Look

I told you the two on an outfit à la both a piece with color is both a piece with a pattern there you are sure that you will have a lot of relief and that your style and your look will be very assertive visually and so think about it daring the color with and the pattern because that can allow you to go even further to go a little further with your style another advice that.

5- Outfit A Great Look

I can also give you to assert your style a little more to have a look that is a little more affirmed well it is also to think about the right shoes and to have the right shoes to mix the right shoe with the right outfit that I notice that it is sometimes something complicated precisely it is something that quite recurs rent at the level and a lot of the feedback from the feedback.

What I can get from my clients is good it’s just that in their daily lives it’s sometimes the complication is good it’s having the right shoe to mix with the right one with the right outfit and so it also comes to mind that Mrs. Didn’t have to have 35 pairs of shoes to be well dressed, but it’s interesting all the same to have pairs of shoes.

That is different because all the pairs of shoes are not always going to match with the right outfit and you can have a great outfit a great look but if the pair of shoes finally does not fit well it can completely give another rendering to the style you wanted precisely given and therefore do not neglect the shoe is very important also it is really what completes the outfit is therefore also to think about and perhaps have several pairs of shoes are effective in your dressing room to be able to get by with your looks with your different looks.

6- The Door Is Also In Winter Not To Categorize

The essential pairs of shoes to have in your dressing room if you are ever interested you can, of course, go rewatching this video it might give you some ideas and finally my last advice to improve your style well it’s also to vary your associations I also notice that we often tend to make the same associations and also to categorize the pieces so.

That is to say that we will categorize certain pieces in the category of evening pieces the category of miscellaneous pieces in the category of summer pieces the category of casual pieces and well the idea is precise to mix all these categories and not to categorize them too many to dare to combine different doses and mix a more relaxed piece than a more chic dose and mix piece era piece that.

We were brought back earlier in summer and although the door is also in winter not to categorize these clothes too much and to dare a little more dosed different associations also dare to go in another direction than that that we are used to, it will allow you to reconnect also with what you want and have fun with your clothes because as.

I always say, clothing is the hand of life, no, it must remain a pleasure that seemed fun we also have to lean on for pleasure out of desire and because it’s a necessity because we have no choice but to dress up in the end it must also remain a pleasure and when we have fun with our clothes well that’s it is also reflected in his book and that’s all I wish you so here are my five tips for how to considerably improve your style with tips.

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