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SPRING SUMMER 2022 ACCESSORIES TRENDS. The level of accessories but there are some trends which are interesting precisely here to share with you and you will see here only at the level of accessories but it is a little bit the continuity finally of what we saw already last year so not especially big changes on the horizon I think it’s a little bit the continuity of this convoy.

1- The Large Circle Of The Bag

There are some small things yes, who come back a little more or who are a little more accessible or who are a little more present quite simply, but in general, in any case, no major upheavals no major changes and that’s not so bad because it means that we will have much easier also finally is good to recycle our pieces of the last year so at the level of the bags here if we start first with the bags and well.

There are a little bit several trends that emerge always tend to the large circle of the bag a little bit Kaba so which is very practical when you want to put a lot of things inside so that is something that we have been able to continue to observe here on the parades this season have the big bag.

The Large Circle Of The Bag

If the traditional classic tote bag the bag in which you can put a lot of stuff is also interesting here to use and choose according to your morphology that’s also interesting of course to make the choices then according to the style of his morphology so that we pay attention to large bags if we are small or if we are very thin for example because suddenly it will be a little less interesting visually.

2- The Saxophone

But in any case here at the level of trends the large bag will always be quite present than the baguette bag it has made its place for the past few seasons so here, it can come in lots of colors and lots of different patterns why not in rhinestones why not colored or why not obviously in colors that are soberer and more neutral but here are the baguette bag.

The shape here is still very ubiquitous here for this season and in terms of bags, another trend is also the inspiration of the sax so the bag shape so the shape are here again it’s something that we already saw last season and which is still asserting itself a little more this season so you see not particularly big changes in terms of bags but the baguette bag is still asserting itself.

A little more the same for the saxophone so that’s really in a fairly trendy shape that we’ll see quite a lot this summer then in terms of belts comes we continue to see the belt so the belt will always once again be quite trendy so we continue to belt the belt and the blazer too.

We also find the belts suddenly at the level of the trends a little more bling-bling in quotation marks so the chain belt the stress belt which will be a little more present here than what we finally saw in recent seasons to spend a little less and here for the summer it’s is something that we see a little more and which will assert itself a little more I think for next winter here.

3- Trendy Here For Spring-Summer

It is a little bit back in a little more discreet way perhaps here but we will continue to have fluctuated next season so we are keeping an eye on it we are keeping an eye on it in terms of jewelry trends, of which there are certain trends too which it does or a little more so on trend with everything that is linked necklace etc.

Always remain very trendy very current it always remains quite ubiquitous in terms of the choices that we could see precisely on the parades next to that I have all that there is Creole inspiration and so on always remains also quite trendy so here again nothing particularly very very new we have also seen a lot of signet rings with slightly more masculine inspirations so that’s. You Can Also Read 7 EASY FASHION TRENDS TO ADOPT FOR THIS SPRING.

There it’s a little bit more new in quotation marks because the signet ring it’s a little bit cyclical also in terms of trends so here we’ve seen quite a few of them on the parades too so everything that inspires a very trendy signet ring also for this coming season r everything that will be vintage-inspired jewelry too and we has a little bit in this spirit.

A little vintage for certain things and, in general, you will also see at the level of shoes and therefore all that is jewelry acquired by vintage inspiration sorta it will be also really trendy here for spring-summer so if you like a little bit this slightly more vintage side, take advantage of it because we’re going to see a lot of it here in the collections and also everything that is jewelry with stone.

4- Energetic Klépierre

So with stones and in particular also with this aspect of jewelry with energy stones so we are a little bit in this dynamic also of taking care of ourselves, in general, it is a little bit the era also I think who wants that and therefore so it’s something that we have also been able to observe in terms of trends, it’s all jewelry with stones with properties.

That is just a little bit energetic and that’s not bad too because if we ut take care of ourselves as much as there is as much to combine the useful with the pleasant finally and therefore why not also surf on this trend to take care of yourself and at the same time adopted the trend whose energetic klépierre will also be very trendy on jewelry this year in terms of accessorizing always so here it’s not a jewel as such it’s more here the idea of the big collar so the XXL collar.

We had already talked about it if you remember for the winter it’s still quite current too so the school is a little more imposing here but it’s an accessory that can also be used for the summer so it’s a bit of continuity here of what we already saw in winter and so the large school collars XXL very trendy also to wear this spring-summer at the level of head accessories.

There is an embarrassment of choice so here we are really in the middle of various trends for head accessories and you can please you, sir because we have something for everyone so the very trendy cap for this season we are here on the cap with the logo so it’s going to be quite trendy here and who says summer necessarily also says cap more easily but in any case here.

5- Terms Of Shoes

The cap is going to be very trendy we are also going to find a lot of hats necessarily and also everything that is in the turban certainly is so there are a lot of accessories here at the level of head accessories so we can have fun depending on your style depending on your tastes if we are here on asyl a little more original a style a little more sportswear casual.

A little romantic there is something for all tastes so treat yourself because head accessories will be very trendy here for spring-summer 2022 and finally in terms of shoes there is the embarrassment of the choice also of shoes sure the most comfortable to the most feminine shoe there really is something for everyone for this season for this spring-summer so we will always find basketball.


So that it’s an unbeatable trend it has finally become a basic so here we are more specifically on the big imposing basketball that we are even sure here are city sneakers easy-to-wear sneakers sportswear sneakers we have something for everyone here at the level of sneakers then we will also find more beats for the between-season than high summer everything.

6- Dress With A Skirt

That is boot beauty if they are generally warm with a platform so there we already saw a lot of them for the winter we will still see a lot of them for the spring so everything that is platform shoes will be quite trendy the same for moccasins either the more classic moccasin or the platform moccasin it continues also we already saw some open we will see some more here.

I for this spring in all that is the boot we are going to find we also continue to see the sonntags so we can completely wear with a little dress with a skirt I think it’s hot for the off-season or even in summer when the temperatures allow it it’s not yet too hot it can be very nice to mix the two I think it can really make for a very nice look and so think about it too for this season.

We’re going to find it too everything about Belize-type shoes or salomé shoes so with this inspiration if a little bit more vintage at the entrance quotation marks so the very feminine one for once and which can be very hot also even simply with a nice pair of jeans you can make a super look super ita efficient like that and with a nice balance between chic, trendy and casual, laid back so that’s also a pair of shoes that we’re going to see a lot here and that we’ve seen a lot on the east on the parades is then obviously for the summer.

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