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By | April 21, 2022

Introduction Of THE 7 WINTER FASHION BASICS | Mango Selection & Fashion Tips

THE 7 WINTER FASHION BASICS | Mango Selection & Fashion Tips. You can adapt it in many different ways you can put it in any d a dress you can z put it under a jacket under a blazer effect you can play with layering too so it can be the little piece the little basic that will allow you here to adapt your looks and warm-up quotes a little more your looks, for example.

A Dress That You Like Worn In The Off-Season

If you have a dress that you like worn in the off-season or even why not in summer and well you can very well combine it with an under-sweater and it can make a great group for the winter so I tend here too advised whether it was to my clients or to you who followed me here on youtube and well it’s not to focus on the fact that a piece must be associated with a season at a time of year.

When an event the idea is really to be able to have fun with your clothes and to make sure that you can wear them all year round or almost is therefore here the little under-sweater allows precisely and bie n being able to wear pieces that sometimes have slightly cooler connotations in quotes and well the doors and precisely in winter and so.

A Dress That You Like Worn In The Off-Season

It can be a little and therefore it can be a very interesting little basic to have in your dressing room so be careful so little advice little is to choose it in a color that will highlight you because the under a sweater and although the first color closest to the face so that’s important if you want to look good if you want to have shine and a beautiful light well it’s always nice to say also and well like this piece.

2- The Sweater

Which is therefore close to my face it’s interesting that it is part of my colorimetry and that it is in part from my color palette for really my door and the necessary radiance the second essential winter basic is also somewhat in the same continuity except that here and well it’s the sweater so a nice sweater and several your sweaters even if you like healthy and well.

They are good basics also for winter good basics to have in your wardrobe once again you can have fun also bring lots of different ways you can mix the sweater with imitation leather materials by example to what my and so militias and materials that go wonderfully well you can also add a sweater on a dress and it gives at this moment.

3- Dark Jeans

The effect of finally having a skirt and a sweater so there you can also be sad and a little bit your pieces thanks to that you can wear it simply over a skirt over shorts you can wear it over jeans so you can really have fun also making the sweater an integral part of your various wardrobe and to wear it in lots of different ways and it will also bring him this little person, it’s this little dynamism and which will be very interesting to use then at the level of the pants I advise you at the level water basics to have dark jeans so. You Can Also Read MY 5 TIPS TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR STYLE Fashion & Style Tips.

Dark blue or black or dark gray but to have pretty well cut dark jeans that necessarily correspond to your morphology a rather hot little word a little straighter to a little slimmer a little more flared depending here on the cut also in which you feel obvious that it is super important but now the dark jeans it will allow and good to be able to adapt easily as well with a lot of pieces and for me.

It’s a good basic to have in your dressing room jeans or dark I would even go more towards black to green from dark gray than green from the blue for example because it’s easier to wear in the female dressing room I’m talking here for men it’s different but for women in any case black jeans or dark gray jeans are good for winter it is very interesting in terms of pants always or even a sho skirt rt that it also depends.

4- Essential Basic To Have In Your Dressing Room

A little bit on what you particularly like but the pants indeed Cindy leather or leather the same for the skirt or the shock, in any case, a piece a ba in imitation leather I find that it is very interesting to see in winter you know it if you already follow me that it’s a material that I like a lot because it brings a lot of relief and that it mixes very easily with lots of other materials.

It’s very nice with jeans with knits with cotton with a blazer too if you want to give it that little bit more chic touch depending once again on your style and what you like to wear in your daily life but it’s a piece which is quite easy to wear and which brings the little relief necessary to precisely dynamic its look a little bit more and nothing necessarily better than winter to wear this kind of material then obviously.

Essential Basic To Have In Your Dressing Room

Who says winter says that open is, therefore, a beautiful coat it is also ultimately an essential basic to have in your dressing room so a beautiful coat either a slightly more oversized coat or a slightly more timeless coat, it’s up to you once again depending of course on others styles if possible in a coat once again with which correspond to your style which corresponds to your morphology also to your typology because.

The coat finally and well will have all its importance too so here is a beautiful coat and well it is also part of the basics to have in your dressing room for the winter which ties coat necessarily says scarf so the charts even have even more important in terms of colorimetry than the coat finally because the sharps are still closest to the face so.

The Last Basic And Well It’s A Pair Boots

That’s 10 attention also it is very important also so depending on your contracts without depending on the color of your hair the color of your eyes there are necks they’re that will suit you better than others I have also made several videos on this subject on my channel if you are interested in going to watch them learn more about colorimetry is therefore here and well the sharks gave that it is closest to the face if you want it to bring you radiance and light also think about choosing it in a color that suits you and finally.

The last basic and well it’s a pair boots or why not also a pair of boots if you prefer that but a pair of boots with a week earlier a little thicker why because in winter and well the fact of having a week which is a little bit thicker thick and well it allows here to fight and a little more against the cold than having a week which is finally too thin and well the cold tends to have passed more simply here is, therefore, the fact of having a small pair of ankle boots s with a sole that would be.

A little thicker so you don’t have to go as far as junkie boots if you don’t like it, on the other hand, if you like it, treat yourself it’s perfect for the winter you can obviously also have one in between depending on your style and what you like of course, but the fact that the room is a little thicker is also interesting for the winter and for the cold and so here you go for the seven basics to have in your dressing room for the winter.

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