What Happened to Cooper Noriega : What is Tiktok Star Cooper Noriega Death Cause ?

By | June 10, 2022

When did Cooper Noriega die ?

Popular content creator and tiktoker Cooper Noriega has died on Thursday at the young age of 19.

The beloved content creator died hours after posting some weird statements that reads ( “Who else b thinking they gon die young af.”) on social media.

He was found dead in Los Angeles at a parking lot in a mall on June 9th, the Los Angeles police departments confirmed his death .

How Did Cooper Noriega die ?.

TMZ reported that someone passing by discovered the young influencer lying unconsciously on the floor in a Los Angeles mall parking lot, the  passerby then called paramedics who rushed to the scene, performed CPR but where unable to resuscitate him. He was thereafter confirmed dead.

As earlier stated , he talked about dying in a cryptic message he posted on social media , he posted a picture of himself lying on the bed and he wrote “Who else b thinking they gon d!€ young af.”
Although there was no mention of the cause of his death by the police, but it’s believed he may have taking his life (suicide).

La Medical Examiner on Cooper Noriega

TMZ reporters who first broke the news also did not disclose the cause of his death, although they said there was no wounds found on his body, no signs of him shooting himself or anything, yet speculations on social media suggest he indeed took his own life.

The young social media influencer has over one million seven hundred follower on tiktok social media, and over four hundred thousand followers on Instagram. He often post skateboarding videos and described himself as a fashion enthusiast. He have worked with several artist to include TikTok stars and musicians Jxdn and Nessa Barrett

It was only last week that he appeared as a guest artist on Dave Portnoy’s program Barstool’s BFF’s podcast .

Moreover a GoFundMe account has been set up to raise fund for his funeral, the statements on the GoFundMe talked about his passion to talk about mental issues. He created a discord server where topics related to mental health is discussed . In a video posted on his Tiktok channel he invite his followers to join his discord server where issues related to mental health will be discussed.


While announcing his new discord server to his followers on Tiktok,  he talked about his desire to have a forum where mental issue can be discussed and where people can free to talk about their journey and experience with mental issues. He made the post on June 6.

He also talked about his desire to open a trauma recovery rehab, where people can trust their counselors.

He then talk about his struggle with addiction , he wrote (One of the many things I’ve learnt while struggling with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people will only bring you down.”)



Reacting to Cooper Norieg’s death, wolfgang on twitter wrote .

That cooper noriega guy’s last TikTok is soo weird. Anytime someone dies there’s ALWAYS a tweet, post, or something equivalent mentioning how they’re gonna pass away. That’s so eerie.


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